With the sole objective of being an active block in advancing the growth of “Swarnim Gujarat”, Unique group signed an MOU in the Vibrant Gujarat Summit.


Unique group is a member of the prestigious Gujarat Institute of Housing and Estate Developers (GIHED) community and has been persistently following the code of conduct laid by it.

Why DP Nahi Ghar Badlo?

Focus on bigger goals like buying the house Gone are the days of changing your display picture (DP). Now, it’s time to focus on more meaningful things like upgrading or changing your house. Your home provides security, is a valuable asset, and offers practical benefits. It’s a place where you can find comfort, showcase your […]

Why location is important when buying a house

Find Your Perfect Home in the Right Place! Location matters when buying a house as it affects your lifestyle and future opportunities. Being close to amenities, schools, work, and transportation saves time and adds convenience. Make a smart choice for a joyful and prosperous home. Before purchasing a residential property, buyers take into account factors […]

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